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Dr. Help Books LLC is a publisher of self-help style health Programs and guides that offer simple, proven steps for solving common sources of pain and other frustrating maladies. Our new Pain Series of Pain Resolution Programs addresses what to many are modern scourges. That is to say, lower back problems, rotator cuff and shoulder injuries, and peripheral neuropathy pain. Dr. Help Books is currently presenting live seminars on these subjects in the Southwestern United States, with plans being developed to broaden this approach to a national level. If you represent a large group that would be interested in a live seminar on one of the current Pain Series topics, please contact us.

Dr. Labrum

Dear Reader,

Healing is my passion. It is my goal. It is the driving force behind most everything that I do. The earliest memories of my childhood revolve around matters of illness that perplexed the doctors who did not know what to do about the problem.  I was diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease which did not respond to the “standard” treatments of that day.  The problem required me to be a bed patient for twenty-four hours each day which went on for two and one-half very long years.  Lying home alone in bed while both of my parents worked to pay the doctor bills, I missed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades of school.  I was patiently awaiting my upcoming fate of death as I had overheard the doctors advise my parents.  My cousin, Carol, had the same condition and did indeed pass on to her maker.  How vividly do I still remember that day!

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WATCH: Dr. Labrum talks of the satisfaction that comes from helping people overcome their pain challenges.

After recovering from this “terminal” disease, I became a life long believer in miracles.  As I later became a licensed, professional health care provider, I continued to expect and help create the “miracles” associated with healing.  There exists no other feeling quite like that of being instrumental in the healing and recovery of another person.  I have been blessed throughout my life to be in that position hundreds of times, if not many, many more.

My wife, Judith, has been at my side supporting me with this effort for forty-three years.  I thank God for her and our five children.  We now have twenty-one grandchildren and life is good!  BUT the ever present threat of health problems and the fragile nature of our existence, drives me to stay focused on what can be done to keep this common enemy of humanity under some degree of control.  I continue to study, observe, and experiment, in an effort to learn what can be done to help some suffering person in need.


I shall never step off from that path!


Dr. Randall C. Labrum
Clinician, Author, Researcher

"I love how simple this program is! I read the guide from cover to cover in a single sitting, and immediately went to work employing the 6-steps. After everything else I’d tried, the 6-steps were so clearly explained and easy to do it was almost impossible to believe how quickly they began producing results. My life, conceded to neuropathy for nearly a decade, is now mine to live again. I can’t thank Dr. Labrum enough."

Anne Marie E.

San Diego, CA

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