Lower Back Pain; The Mystery Unlocked

Special Note: "Each and every neuropathy patient who has faithfully followed my 6-Step Neuropathy Resolution Program has benefitted far beyond their expectations. To my knowledge, there have been no exceptions yet."


Dr. Labrum's Simple, 6-Step Neuropathy Resolution Program Finally Solves Your Neuropathy Pain.

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WATCH: Dr. Labrum explains how his simple, 6-Step Program will finally solve your neuropathy problem.

  Dear Fellow Neuropathy Sufferer,

Yes, I do know the feeling.  You might describe it as walking barefoot through cactus, or like stepping through a bed of hot coals left by a campfire, or over shards of broken glass without your shoes on.  “If I could just submerge my feet in a pan of ice cold water to cool them off,”
  you may think, "I'm sure that would make my them feel better”.  You may also tell yourself that you’d do just about anything – ANYTHING! – to find relief.

I also know too well what it's like to walk away disappointed and discouraged after receiving less than satisfactory answers from doctors as to why one has neuropathy in the first place, and as to what can be done to end the suffering.  Indeed, I know what it’s like to be informed by doctors that the condition is a “mystery”, that it “isn’t treatable”, and that “there’s virtually nothing that can be done” to truly eliminate the intense, debilitating pain.  Unfortunately, in my 35 years of clinical experience as a practicing chiropractic doctor, I also know all too well what it’s like to be on the delivering end of this unsettling news.

I Found a Solution. I Want to Share It With You.

I’m certain there have been times of extreme discomfort with your neuropathy symptoms when you have longed to be rid of this painful problem.  That's undoubtedly why you are here right now.  The great news for you is that it is possible to end the suffering, WITHOUT DRUGS or SURGERYIt is much easier to do than you've been led to believe!  If you will simply make the investment in my Neuropathy Resolution Program and faithfully follow the 6 Simple Steps prescribed therein, you will soon be much relieved of these symptoms, and be a healthier, happier person.

Please, don't suffer another day.  Relief is possible.  Quickly and easily.  I know, I've personally put my Program to the test.  It does work!  If you, too, are ready to begin now, you can click here to purchase my Neuropathy Resolution Program.  Otherwise, keep reading for more details.

Wishing you a healthy and pain-free life,

Dr. Randall C. Labrum
Clinician, Researcher, Author


Why Me? Why Do I Have Neuropathy?

I’ll never forget the night my own neuropathy pain set in for the first time. While making a short walk from a parking space to a friend’s home to celebrate a birthday party, I suddenly and inexplicably experienced the symptoms in my feet which my patients had been telling me about for so many years. Whereas moments before I’d been completely fine, I found myself almost unable to make it to the front door, such was the pain. Once inside, I sat in the first chair I could find for most of the evening, avoiding any obligation to stand or walk due to the intense burning and prickly sensations in the soles of my feet. Later at home, I erroneously supposed that the removal of my tight-fitting cowboy boots would eliminate my problem. Unfortunately this was not the case. As I put on socks and lace-up athletic type shoes the next morning, the hot, tingly, prickly, difficult-to-describe symptoms persisted. At this point, my appreciation for these bizarre symptoms I had heard so much about from my patients suddenly increased tenfold.

My thought process was not much different from the average person, inasmuch as I subconsciously thought “It will go away in time. . . I have no reason to have this problem. . . Just be patient. . . It WILL go away.” After many months of continued suffering however, I was finally forced to accept the unavoidable truth: no, it was not going away. I was indeed a peripheral Neuropathy sufferer like so many millions of other people.

But why me? And more importantly, what could I do about it?

"There Are No Corrective Measures Available for People Like You..."

My years of experience in a working clinic had made me very well aware that when it came to the condition that now plagued me, there really were no good corrective measures out there in the mainstream of healthcare. Of course, stress, pain, and disability trump reason and rational analysis in most cases, and so I finally gave in and consulted a podiatrist friend of mine. His prognosis however was just as I had secretly expected.  He looked at me and rather bluntly confirmed: “You're already certainly aware, Dr. Labrum, that there is nothing -- nothing at all -- worthwhile available for people such as you, with these prickly, burning, painful sensations in your feet”.

As I stood to leave, I perceived the look of frustration in the podiatrist’s face. I recognized his expression as one that I had often had in my career also. One that reveals itself when the doctor has nothing essentially helpful to offer the needful patient. In response, I looked my friend in the eye and announced that I was going on the search to find the elusive "Holy Grail" for this vexing program. I was going to find the cure for neuropathy!

Six Years Without Neuropathy and Counting.

Six years have now gone by since neuropathy entered into my life. I am happy to share this good news with you. At age sixty six I no longer have ANY symptoms of neuropathy whatsoever. The tingling is gone. The burning is gone. The discouragement is gone, too. I can function normally and do anything that I wish to do with no distraction from painful, prickly feet.


"Tonight my husband and I went out on the 4-wheeler and visited some friends who live up the road from us. They wanted to know how my feet were because they were aware I was trying something new for my PN. We spent 45 minutes telling them all about what I was doing. To be very honest, I was skeptical, but hopeful when Dr. Labrum told me about this new possibility and treatment. I have been to at least 6 doctors and spent nearly a thousand dollars looking, hoping, praying for relief and a cure from the ever present burning and numbness in my feet. I can honestly say I’m excited and so pleased with just 5 weeks of the 6 Step Program and the relief and comfort I am experiencing. Thank you, Dr. Labrum."

Bev M.

Fairview, UT

Your Neuropathy Pain Resolved in 6 Simple Steps.

For as complex and excruciating as Peripheral Neuropathy is, the 6 Steps I have developed in my Neuropathy Resolution Program couldn’t be much simpler or more no-nonsense -- and, of course, they DO NOT involve the powerful, addictive DRUGS the pharmaceutical industry so badly wants you to believe are the only "solution". Here’s a look at what you can expect the 6 Steps to do for you and your neuropathy condition:

In Step 1, you will begin stimulating your peripheral sensory nerves in order to "reeducate" and heal neglected and damaged nerve pathways that are now prone to a “short-circuiting” type of effect.  This dysfunction is the primary cause of the various symptoms of shooting pain, tingling, numbness and other uncomfortable sensations associated with your neuropathy.  The precise technique I will share with you for accomplishing this is easy, comfortable, and even enjoyable!

With Step 2, you'll help your body more effectively move toxic CO2 and metabolic waste-charged blood back up through the veins, away from the extremities (where it’s contributing to your Neuropathy pain), towards the heart and lungs where it will be cleaned and re-oxygenated.  This step is so simple, and requires nothing more than simply going about your regular daily activities as you always have, but with one small but important change.

The surprising, easily-accomplished procedure in Step 3 provided my clinical patients with more immediate and dramatic results than they’d received from any other doctor’s care previously received for their neuropathy condition.  It too is simple, enjoyable, and you will find that it produces immediate results.

In Step 4, you’ll continue to bolster the efforts of your heart, veins and venous valves in the processes of flushing toxic, metabolic-wasted-charged blood out of your lower extremities. This simple step is key in preventing the development of neuropathy in the first place, and can prevent your case from getting progressively worse.

With Step 5, you will significantly reduce neuropathy symptoms and enhance the general health of your peripheral nerves within only a few minutes by practicing one of life’s most pure and pleasurable activities, but with a simple, easy twist.

By addressing inflammation at a cellular level, Step 6 re-optimizes the health of nerve tissues which are irritated and thereby contributing to your painful symptoms.  This step, too, is quick and easy, and involves simple, delicious additions to your daily diet and to the supplements you are taking.

"I love how simple this program is! I read the guide from cover to cover in a single sitting, and immediately went to work employing the 6-steps. After everything else I’d tried, the 6-steps were so clearly explained and easy to do it was almost impossible to believe how quickly they began producing results. My life, conceded to neuropathy for nearly a decade, is now mine to live again. I can’t thank Dr. Labrum enough."

Anne Marie E.

San Diego, CA

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A PROVEN, COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM, that works time and time again, regardless of age, background, ethnicity or gender, for resolving peripheral neuropathy resulting from diabetes, chemotherapy, chronic alcohol and/or drug use, hypertension, the natural process of ageing, and/or all other causative factors.

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Peripheral Neuropathy Q&A

Q. What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

A. Peripheral neuropathy is, for all practical purposes of understanding, a slow, gradual dying process of the peripheral sensory nerves. This “slow dying” process results from “anoxia”. This word, anoxia, simply means that there is insufficient oxygen available for a given physiological process to take place in a normal fashion.  Without sufficient oxygen to support normal nerve cell metabolism, there is a resulting loss of nerve signal transmission between the nerve cells.

Q. Why me? Why do I have Neuropathy?

A. In my own case, I was forced to come to the realization that my neuropathy was not going away. I was not a diabetic. I’ve never been treated for cancer. I have no circulatory problems in my lower extremities. As an otherwise healthy sixty-year old, there was no apparent reason why I should have this problem. But then as I reflected back, I remembered several patients who had said the same thing. They had no other disease or pathology that would make them an “obvious” candidate for such an uncomfortable and frustrating condition. Or so it seemed. In my Neuropathy Resolution Program, I’ll tell you what culprit I discovered behind my case of neuropathy. Mine and many others. A hint: It’s one of the most prevalent maladies now known to modern man.

Q. Why is Peripheral Neuropathy so painful?

A. We now know that in peripheral neuropathy, dying nerves send sensory nerve transmissions back to the brain which are aberrant, or abnormal. They are painful, hot, and tingly signals which are interpreted by the sufferer as being very uncomfortable. This abnormal situation is due in large part to a larger-than-normal gap which is created between nerve synapses as the neurons that support them shrink and die in the presence of toxic blood. These pathologically retracted neurons are now “set up” to malfunction since the wider space, or gap, makes the synaptic “electric” connection much less efficient for nerve signals to transmit correctly. The effect could perhaps be compared to how a “spark plug” works in a gasoline engine; the width of the gap needing to be very precise.

Q. What, if anything, can I do to correct this situation?

A. By following all of the recommended procedures outlined in my 6-Step Neuropathy Resolution Program, you’ll be well on your way to correcting and normalizing this abnormal spacing between nerve synapses. I’ll also show you how you can restore the organic electrolyte material that’s so desperately needed within this inter-neuronal gap to ensure that nerve signals happen in a normal, healthy manner.

Q. Will following the 6 Steps in your Neuropathy Resolution Program really bring me relief?

A. Even without knowing the severity of your condition, what your age is, or the cause of your neuropathy, I am confident of this: You CAN get a worthwhile amount of improvement and correction of your neuropathy condition by following the recommendations being provided for you in my Program.  Regardless of the parameters of each individual case, I have personally advised and managed many cases of neuropathy using this approach and have had satisfying results in every one, including my own. Most of these cases have received total relief, just as I did with my case. Please know that extremely advanced and degenerated diabetic cases are certainly not expected to achieve such dramatic results. Be reminded however, that these types of patients would undoubtedly be grateful for even 10-30% improvement.

Q. How can I stop the suffering?

A. My Neuropathy Resolution Program is available for instant download by clicking on the "Buy Now" links on this page. Once you’ve downloaded the Neuropathy Resolution Program, you can immediately begin implementing the recommended steps.  It’s that simple and easy!

"I wouldn’t wish peripheral neuropathy on my worst enemy. I am sure am glad that Dr. Labrum suffered from it though. This inspired man has used his own painful experience with this awful condition to create a program that’s finally given me relief and hope. It’s a godsend, and so is Dr. Labrum!"

Edward W.

Birmingham, AL

Get Instant Access to Dr. Labrum's Neuropathy Resolution Program, complete with all the materials and BONUS features listed above (Over $325 in value) for only


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