Special Note: It will be exciting for the reader and the average shoulder patient to know that the explanation and information contained in the Guide I'm presenting here to you, for testing, treating, and rehabilitating your Rotator Cuff or Shoulder Pain problem applies to an estimated 85-95% of all shoulder cases that exist.


Simple, Proven 3-Step Program Finally Solves Pain Resulting from Rotator Cuff Injury & Shoulder Problems

"When combined as one program, the examination, treatment, and self-rehabilitation that are detailed in this guide never fail."

  Dear Shoulder Pain Sufferer,

Yes. You read that headline correctly.
Let me repeat it: When combined as one program, the examination, treatment, and self-rehabilitation that are to be detailed in this guide never fail. I use the word “never” reluctantly, only because in health care it is not wise to use such definite terms. Therefore let us say that it “almost always” follows the pattern and the findings that we


are about to discuss. It is extremely reliable and consistent with very minimal exceptions. The outstanding results of this corrective shoulder program are also extremely productive for the person who has already had shoulder surgery, but who is not satisfied with the function and condition of their shoulder even after the surgery has been performed.

In the world of health care, I do not know of anything that is more consistent and reliable than the following information regarding the shoulder, and more specifically the rotator cuff. Before proceeding any further with this program, it is imperative for me to stress the importance of following these recommendations and procedures explicitly and precisely! If you change the technique, add to, or delete from it there will be a profound decrease in the amount of success that you can expect to achieve.

Best wishes for a healthy and pain free life!



Dr. Randall C. Labrum
Clinician, Researcher, Author


3 Simple Steps.

For as little understood as the Rotator Cuff is, the 3-Step Plan I propose in my guide for testing,  treating, and healing it couldn’t be much simpler or more no-nonsense. Here’s a look at what you can expect.

In Step 1, I’ll show you how you can easily determine if your shoulder is correctable without surgery.

In Step 2, learn how to isolate and treat the precise component of the shoulder complex which needs help.

Discover, in Step 3, the surprising, easily-accomplished treatment procedure that provided my clinical patients with dramatic, rapid results.


"As a concrete worker, I was really discouraged because I couldn't use my hand tools without stabbing shoulder pain. After Dr. Labrum showed me how to do the strengthening exercises for my rotator cuff problem it was only a matter of a few days until I was back working normally again. I still can't hardly believe it, but without Dr. Labrum I don't know what I'd be doing for my livelihood. I don't know the words to thank him enough.”

Robert P.

El Cajon, CA

PLEASE, Dr. Labrum, I want to finally solve my shoulder problem!  I'm ready to take action now, by clicking here!

What You Will Find Inside My Rotator Cuff Injury & Shoulder Pain Problem Guide

Easy, well-defined steps that you can begin using today to diagnose, treat and manage your Shoulder Pain.

A complete, proven program for quickly healing your Rotator Cuff Injury.

Brief but clear explanations detailing the cause of Rotator Cuff Injuries, which will help you answer the question "How did this happen to me?”


Descriptions in straightforward lay language of what exactly the Rotator Cuff is, why it’s so easily injured, and how it is that the 3 Steps in my Program work so extremely well in healing these injuries.

A comprehensive plan that produces real results!

And much more….



"My first shoulder surgery was a dismal failure, but my surgeon scheduled me for another one anyway. He admitted that he wasn't sure that another operation could fix the problem, but he said there was "no other option." That was a pretty big red flag.  And was he ever wrong!  I heard about Dr. Labrum, who examined me and found the real problem using a simple little strength test.  He then showed me and my husband a couple of super easy steps that we used to make the pain go away for good!  I'd been thinking that I was stuck with this pain for the rest of my life, and so I was blown away when it started going away after only a few days using Dr. Labrum's program.  It's gone for good now.  I'm even back to playing golf, which I thought was no longer possible. . . . I am really excited that Dr. Labrum now has this shoulder pain program out in a book and on video.  It means no more surgery and no more shoulder pain for lots of other people.  I only wish that I'd known about it before I had surgery in the first place."

Carrie B.

Scottsdale, AZ

My Guide Will Help You Understand What Is Causing Today’s Huge Spike in Rotator Cuff Injury Cases.

In Rotator Cuff Injury & Shoulder Pain: The Mystery Unlocked you’ll learn:

WHY you can expect to have a life of pain if the true underlying cause of your shoulder pain is not corrected.

WHY a rotator cuff problem NEVER goes away until the simple procedures in this guide are implemented.

WHY not only activities like throwing a ball or swinging a tennis racket are high risk for shoulder injuries, but HOW even washing windows and reaching overhead can also develop into a rotator cuff problem.

WHY the "rotator cuff" is so misunderstood, even by the majority of doctors and surgeons who treat it.

WHAT the underlying cause of shoulder pain and instability really is.

HOW you can have a lifelong, stable shoulder without pain, by doing a 10 minute, twice a week, simple routine.


"At 72 years of age I am still a competitive athlete that plays basketball, tennis, and swims daily. I have suffered a few shoulder injuries from motorcycle riding and playing basketball over the years though, which made me have to quit these sports. I finally gave in to having rotator cuff surgery. The surgeon told me that the road to recovery would be very long and painful, and that I probably wouldn't be completely happy in the end. After working with my friend Dr. Labrum though, I now know how to do my own therapy and rehabilitation! My surgeon was totally amazed at my fast recovery and that I am back to doing the things that I did before. I’ll be ready for the senior games again this year!"

Paul E.

Santa Clara, UT

Rotator Cuff Injury & Shoulder Pain Q&A

Q. What exactly is a "rotator cuff injury"?

A. In my guide, I'll show you precisely what and where the typical "rotator cuff" injury occurs -- this is information that your family doctor likely doesn't even fully understand.  When you understand it however, you'll be able to manage and correct this type of injury and the pain that accompanies it.

Q. Why are these injuries so troublesome?

A. Whether by a family physician, surgeon or physical therapist, professional treatment of rotator cuff Injuries is usually incomplete, with the most critical component of the case almost always overlooked and left out.  In my guide, you'll learn what the critical component is, and how you can treat is very, very simply at home.

Q. Why do doctors usually fail at treating these cases?

A. We know that today's physicians and surgeons rely mainly upon medication and surgery for results, again, often omitting the most important element of the case.

Q. What can I do to correctly resolve this shoulder problem?

A. By following all of the recommended procedures outlined in my 3-Step Guide, you’ll be well on your way to correcting and normalizing shoulder pain, weakness, and instability.

Q. Will following the steps in this guide really bring me relief?

A. Even without knowing the severity of your condition, what your age is, or the cause of your Rotator Cuff Injury of Shoulder Pain, I am confident of this: You CAN get a worthwhile amount of improvement and correction of your condition by following the recommendations being provided for you in this guide, regardless of the parameters of each individual case.  I have personally advised and managed many, many cases using this approach and have had satisfying results in every single one.  Most of these cases have received total relief.

Q. How can I stop the suffering?

A. "Rotator Cuff Injury & Shoulder Pain: The Mystery Unlocked" is available for instant download, by clicking on the link below. Once you’ve got the guide, you can quickly begin following and implementing the 3 recommended steps.  It’s that simple. It’s that easy.


"I play professional baseball.  After repeatedly injuring my throwing arm, I was told I needed to have extensive shoulder surgery, and that as a result I'd never be back to 100% out on the field. . . . Before going down the surgery route, I was fortunate to consult with Dr. Labrum (as a favor to my mom, who insisted), and I can honestly say that his rotator cuff program saved my career!"

Bobby B.

Oceanside, CA


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